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What is a licensed optician?

A licensed optician is an optic specialist. In other words, they’re the expert you need when looking for advice on optical products such as glasses and contacts. In order to be able to advise you effectively, opticians go through a rigourous process to obtain their certification.

To become a licensed optician, candidates must meet the requirements of the National Association of Canadian Optician Regulators (NACOR). They must therefore first apply to an accredited opticianry program. However, if they have already attended an unaccredited training institution or have a background in optics or health care, they may be eligible to become an optician through the PLAR process.

Opticianry is a protected profession in most of Canada and canadian licensed opticians are overseen by provincial regulatory bodies. The regulatory body’s purpose is to ensure that all individuals seeking entry to practice and maintaining registration are competent and ethical professionals. The process of registering as an optician will vary depending on the provincial standards, but is always there to guarantee you get the best service for your eyes.

A licensed optician is a specialist trained specifically to plan, prepare and distribute optical products such as glasses and contact lenses. They know how to interpret the prescriptions and carefully observe the patient’s needs in order to provide them with the best possible solution. A licensed optician also helps in selecting the right frame and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that they fit perfectly.
Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing the world clearly. Entrust your vision care to a licensed optician.

In addition to being optical specialists, licensed opticians are trained to help you see better and are familiar with new lens technologies and designs in eyeglasses, contact lenses and low vision aids. They can determine which of these can best replicate and improve your natural vision.

Why do lenses come in so many different price points?

Quality, technology, customization. The more complex the design; the harder and more transparent the coating; the materials – these are all factors. Yes, you can get cheaper lenses, but they will not be the same as the lenses we sell, even if the brand is the same. To make a fair comparison, the make, model, material, coating, etc. must be the same.

How to Take Care of Your Beautiful Spectacles

You love them, we love them. Glasses need to be on your face or in the case. They should be washed, using lukewarm water, but no detergents. High temperatures, detergents, wiping lenses dry – any of these can cause damage.


Warranties will vary by product and company. Generally, products carry a one year warranty on manufacturing defects. We are able to differentiate between something that is defective and something that has been broken or damaged through misuse or accident, and will happily share that information with our clients on a per case basis.

Why Final Sale?

If we have fitted a frame to you, it is no longer in pristine “from the factory” condition. Repeated adjustments can weaken materials. Also, when a small business removes an item from the floor as sold, because we only carry one of each thing, it cannot be sold to someone else.

The Gastown Fire:

As many of you know, a terrible fire destroyed the Gastown heritage building, the Winters Hotel, on April 11, 2022. A number of businesses, including Gowon Cafe, Bruce Eyewear, Lemongrass, Roldorf & Co, Nika Custom Imports, Flying Pig, and the Australian Boot Company that were located in this structure have permanently closed.

We were unable to access our stores and shortly after the fire, what remained of the building was torn down, ostensibly for safety reasons.

We fought hard to make our street beautiful, safe and welcoming. The Gastown business community has been incredibly supportive, as have our community of clients, suppliers, family and friends. We regret the impact on our fellow businesses in the “collapse zone,” as they found creative ways to continue to do business. Thank you to the Vancouver Firefighters and the Vancouver Police for their hard work.

One day at a time.

Bruised but not broken.

Our Main Street store is fully operational and we very much hope to see you there!

With gratitude,