Forget the rules?

Rules. We make them, break them, bend them and flaunt them. But the only “rule” you need to follow when you choose your eyeglasses? Look in the mirror and like what you see. We can tell you that square makes you more square and round makes you rounder. And we will always remember the technical needs of your prescription, of course. We can talk about practical. Neutral. I can tell you what story you are telling with your choices – 1930’s playwright, editor of Vogue, reliable, playful, fierce, powerful, wild. But when you put on frames that make you smile, glow, light up, even blush? That make you feel great, strong, fresh? That look natural on YOU? Buy it. Buy THEM. All of them. You won’t be sorry.

I mean, c’mon. You wear them on your face.

Your wonderful, unique face.

Let’s frame it.

Nada xo