A rose is a rose is a rose except when it is glasses and a hat crafted into a stunning accessory…

One of three fabulous, unique, completely hand-crafted eyeglass-hat combos designed and made by the talented Livio Graziottin of Kuboraum. These are being made to order for us, and can also be worn with the eyeglasses to the back and the hat forward…

No delivery time as of yet…but we will post each one as they arrive. This is one of many the collisions between art and eyewear.

Nada xo

Glamorous & Funny?

This woman has it all! Couldn’t ask for a better Boss! Happy Birthday Nada & keep up the quirk! Also Happy International Women’s Day!


xo, team bruce

That’s me, on my way…

…to Italy to buy fab stuff for bruce eyewear and bruceToo. Stay tuned for adventures and some product sneak peeks!

Nada xo

We heart Family! :)

Happy Family Day and Valentine’s Day!!

We will be open on Family Day (Monday, February 13th) from noon to 5 p.m., both locations, so we can take care of your family. Or your heart. Or both.

Because love is a funny thing.

Nada xo