Violetta by bevel…

There we were, walking along by the Spanish Steps in Rome, minding our own business….

“Hey, Violetta!”

Some guy yells out.

Well, in that moment? I became someone else. Someone who walks along by the Spanish Steps in Rome while a handsome Italian man calls her name, overcome by the vibrant hue of her hair.

And now my friends at bevel have immortalized the moment with the creation of the sexy, sassy, bold, punchy Violetta frame.

Thank you, lovely people of bevel!

Violetta xo

New Matsuda at bruceToo on Main! A little fashion history….

May 28th, 2008 @ 6:54 PM

Mitsuhiro Matsuda, one of the half dozen most important Japanese fashion designers, has died in Japan.

…Probably more than any other designer, Matsuda blazed a path in sunglasses with his Japanese sensibility and high tech pop aesthetic. His vintage shades remain cult collector items for connoisseurs of sunglasses…

…Arguably his greatest clout and reach was with sunglasses, and his vintage items are cult collectibles on ebay and ecommerce sites. In 1998, The New York Times even noted that the hip-hop idol Sean (Puffy) Combs, now P. Diddy, rapped about Matsuda sunglasses in a video.

Fashion Wire Daily

Nada xo


What happens in Milano…….

Representing bruce eyewear, The Brass Monocle, and Blake Kuwahara in style…it’s all fun and games (and food and wine) until somebody gets a tummy ache…

N xo