She may have fallen, but she can definitely get back up.

That’s our Lynne. Main Street shenanigans.

Nada xo

Some of the many faces of Elaine…on her 10th Anniversary with bruce eyewear!

The quiet powerhouse…even-tempered, professional, super-stylish, artistic, talented, reliable, dependable, never-moody, indispensable! funny, organized, torNada-proof…we could keep going on this list for another ten years, easily!

Thank you for everything!

Nada, Garry and ten years worth of brucies!!!! xo

Dreaming tall stuff.

You can take the city gal to the country, but you can’t necessarily keep her awake.

Nada xo

Kuboraum kool.

Edgy. Textured. Nuanced. Yet bold. Just….Kuboraum.

Nada xo